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Not all available guidelines are methodologically strong guidelines. Similar to appraisal of research studies, guideline appraisal is also possible.

AGREE - The tool most commonly used in guideline appraisal. The AGREE instrument was developed by the AGREE collaboration, which is an international collaboration of researchers and policy makers who seek to improve the quality and effectiveness of clinical practice guidelines by establishing a shared framework for their development, reporting and assessment.

Critical Appraisal Resources - including a wide range of tools such as quality assessment tools for systematic reviews, critical appraisal instruments and reporting guidelines, and critical appraisal tools for summary resources.

iCAHE Guideline Quality Check List - The iCAHE guideline checklist provides clinicians with a quick way of appraising the quality of a clinical guideline. It consists of 14 questions and can be used either as a checklist or a total score.


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