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During our many interactions with health care stakeholders, it has become clear that there is still a lot of uncertainly and confusion about a number of issues underpinning evidence-based practice (EBP), including evidence implementation. The feedback we have received indicates that health care stakeholders want information about EBP in a succinct and timely manner. Therefore, we are proud to launch a new initiative “evidence talk”.


In evidence talk we will be addressing a number of topics relevant to EBP, in an audio format, each lasting a few minutes. Each week, new topics will be added to this section. You are welcome to submit your requests for evidence talk (via contact us) and we would be happy to respond to your requests. We hope you find this resource useful.


In the first of this series, we cover the following topics.

(1). Definition of EBP (MP3 - 921 KB)

(2). Processes underpinning EBP (MP3 - 2.2MB)

(3). Evidence implementation (MP3 - 1.6MB)

(4). Challenges in evidence implementation (MP3 - 1.1 MB)

(5). Successful evidence implementation (MP3 - 1.9MB)

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