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Welcome to a new initiative at Implementation Central, “Students’ Space”.

What is the purpose of this initiative? Well, students at the International Centre for Allied Health Evidence at School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia undertake a number of exciting and innovative research initiatives.
While many such research initiatives result in research outputs such as journal publications, conference presentations, we wanted to provide another space to showcase our students’ research works.
At “Students’ Space”, you will find succinct summaries of research undertaken by our students, which address common and relevant health care topics and issues. If you are interested in any of our student works, please contact us for more information.

So, check it out and happy reading!


In community dwelling older people, what is the effect of podiatry interventions such as orthoses, footwear modification and foot and ankle exercises on falls prevention.

Podiatry Interventions


Effectiveness of patient-centred care versus the traditional medical model on improving quality of life and patient satisfaction in adult patients.

Patient centred


Animal assisted therapy for autism spectrum disorders.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Hydrotherapy for improving bone mineral density, function and balance in postmenopausal women with or at risk of osteoporosis.






Cold water immersion for reducing post-exercise muscle soreness.

Cold water immersion


Driving cessation interventions for psychosocial well being in older adults.

Driving cessation


Effectiveness of local corticosteriod injections for the treatment of Morton's Neuroma.

Morton's Neuroma


Manual lymphatic drainage for lymphedema symptoms in adults with breast cancer.


Risks of cervical manipulation in adults with cervical spine disorders.
Cervical manipulation

Education as compared to standard physiotherapy care for treatment of non specific chronic low back pain.

The effectiveness of a multidisciplinary approach, when compared to a non-multidisciplinary approach for adults with musculoskeletal type chronic lower back pain in improving pain, disability, return to work and cost-effectiveness.

Dynamic versus static stretching exercises for increasing muscular power and strength in adult recreational or professional athletes.
Dynamic stretching

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