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Due to complexities associated with WAD, ongoing management of WAD involves a large number of stakeholders. Given that WAD can have a range of health and other psychosocial effects, patients/consumers, their families and community are important stakeholders to be considered. Signs and symptoms associated with WAD can also be diverse and vary from one person to another. Therefore, a range of health professionals who provide ongoing management for WAD are key stakeholders. These may include medical (doctors or specialists) and allied health professionals such as physiotherapist, chiropractors and osteopaths. Remedial treatments are also commonly sought from other therapists such as massage therapists or alternative health care practitioners. Due to the trauma associated with WAD other health professionals such as psychologists and grief counselors may also involved in management. As motor vehicle accidents contribute as one the primary causes of WAD, third party funding agencies, lawyers and insurance agencies are also stakeholders of WAD. While these agencies are not directly involved in health care provision, they may play an influencing role in the management of WAD. It is therefore essential to consider these stakeholders as part of management of WAD.

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