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The Clinical Guidelines for Best Practice Management of Acute and Chronic Whiplash-Associated Disorders, developed by the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) and TRACsa will be used in this implementation project. A copy of the guideline can be obtained by following this link below.


Clinical Guideline for Acute and Chronic Whiplash-Associated Disorders (PDF - 648kb)

This simple guide to whiplash for the consumer is a partner document to the clinical guidelines and will be used as a tool to inform and empower consumers on the management of Whiplash-Associated Disorders. A copy of the consumer guide can be obtained by following the link below.


A Simple Guide to Whiplash for Consumers (PDF - 774kb)

This management pathway is a guide intended to assist facilities general practitioners and health professionals delivering primary care to adults with acute or chronic neck pain following a motor vehicle collision. A copy of the Management Pathway can be obtained by following the link below.


Management Pathway: whiplash-associated disorders (WAD) (PDF - 280kb)

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