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One of the many challenges associated with best practice is ensuring current practice is up to date with current best research evidence. With a burgeoning body of research evidence produced on a day to day basis, health care stakeholders may struggle to keep up with new and contemporary tools that may assist in implementing best practice in health care.

In this section, we will feature some of new tools which have been developed with a focus on promoting best practice and thereby improving the quality and safety of health care.


i-HOM-FRA In Home Falls Risk Assessment Tool

This falls risk assessment tool (i-HOM-FRA) was exclusively developed for use with older people at home in the community. It draws its heritage from a previous tool developed in response to the needs of allied health professionals within South Australia.

The development of i-HOM-FRA was underpinned by a combination of three distinct yet interlinked processes. They were systematic mapping of the current best evidence for falls risk (research evidence), feedback from end users and stakeholders (clinical expertise) and subsequent piloting by physiotherapists and occupational therapists from multiple health sectors in South Australia (clinical utility). The tool also includes a range of clinically relevant indicators, which complement evidence-informed falls risk factors, and together can be used to underpin health care decisions. The i-HOM-FRA is currently undergoing psychometric testing to establish its reliability and validity and as such it is presently being used across a range of clinical settings and research studies, which will result in ongoing refinement of the tool.

For further information about i-HOM-FRA, including its use, please contact the Southern Community Falls Prevention Team, Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (1300 0 FALLS-1300 0 32557) or Domiciliary Care, Department Communities and Social Inclusion, Clinical Advisor, Physiotherapy, Telephone: 1300 295 673.


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